Alexis' mom (Emily)-Susan

Alexis' dad (Dylan)-Steven


Alexis gets herself in big trouble for stealing a saw.


(we see a store and Alexis steals a saw)

Clerk: Come back here robber!

Alexis: Yes! I stole the saw! Now to get out of here!

Clerk: Come back here robber! That's it! I'm calling the cops!

(after jail)

Emily: Alexis, how dare you steal a saw! You are not supposed to do that at all!

Dylan: Your mother is right young lady! Doing that kind of stuff is against the law!

Alexis: But Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.

Emily: No! We cannot accept any sorries! You're grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 10 days!

Dylan: Now go upstairs to your room or else we will send the Save-Ums to attack you!