Althea Andrea-Princess

Curve Bro-Simon

Princess Denise-Princess

Brian-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Althea Andrea's dad-Alan

Althea Andrea's mom-Kate

Curve Bro's dad-David/Evil/Genius/Zack

Curve Bro's mom-Salli


This picks up right after Theodore killed Princess Denise.


Althea Andrea: Oh my God!

Curve Bro: We can't believe Theodore Pearse killed Princess Denise! That's it! We're going to revive her!

(at the graveyard)

Althea Andrea: Curve Bro, hand me the staff.

Curve Bro: Okay.

(15 seconds later, Princess Denise is back in view)

Princess Denise: Where am I? Maybe Heaven didn't want me.

Althea Andrea: We just revived you.

Brian: Did you two revive my girlfriend?

Curve Bro: Yes, we did.

Brian: I thought you were a troublemaker.

Althea Andrea: Actually, I'm the good Althea Andrea because my voice is Princess while my bad side is voiced by Elizabeth.

Brian: Also, Curve Bro, were you a troublemaker?

Curve Bro: According to WeatherStar4000Video, I used to be a troublemaker but FawfulFan100 turned me into a hero. Also, I'm the second popular Mario Enemy next to Buddy Bro.

Brian: Why weren't you one of the visitors?

Curve Bro: Because I was still grounded for cheating on a test.

(Brian called AA's parents and CB's parents. Let's see what happened back at home)

Althea Andrea's dad: Althea Andrea, thank you for reviving Princess Denise after Theodore Pearse killed her.

Althea Andrea's mom: You are ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you like.

Althea Andrea: Thanks Mom and Dad.

(at Curve Bro's house)

Curve Bro's dad: Curve Bro, thank you for reviving Princess Denise after Theodore Pearse killed her.

Curve Bro's mom: You are now ungrounded forever. We can go to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Curve Bro: Thank you, Mom and Dad. You're the best.