Chris's dad (Aaron)-Diesel

Chris's mom (Maya)-Allison

Zelda's dad-Brian

Zelda's mom (Kristin Konkle/RocketPowerGal24)-Julie


Chris is the son of Aaron and Maya. Anyways, he gets in trouble for calling Zelda a crybaby.


(we see Chris and Zelda at the movie theater during Mary Poppins)

Chris: Wow, this movie is the best ever.

(later on, Zelda begins to cry during Mr. Dawes Sr's death)

Chris: Hey everyone! Zelda is a crybaby!

(Zelda begins crying harder and soon enough, her tears fill up the entire movie theater, Chris is taken along with it)

Chris: Oh no!

(at home)

Chris's dad: Oh my God! Chris Pettis, how dare you call Zelda a crybaby during Mary Poppins! You know she's one of my friends and thanks to you, now we have to pay $1750 to repair the movie theatre!

Chris's mom: This has got to be the worst thing you have done to an innocent girl! Go to your room or else we will send in the Babylon Rogues to attack you!

Chris (running upstairs): I shouldn't have done that!

(later at Zelda's house where Zelda is still crying loudly!

Zelda's dad: What's wrong Zelda? Why are you crying?

Zelda: Chris Pettis called me a crybaby during the scene where Mr. Dawes Sr died.

Zelda's mom: That's bad. Maybe falling asleep will help the problem.

Zelda: Okay.