Jordan's dad (Kyle)-Diesel

Jordan's mom (Stephanie)-Kate


This picks up after Jordan ungrounded Auto.


Jordan: What a great day it is. I will send my dad a Christmas list. I want 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker, Crazy Taxi, Toy Story 2, Inside Out and much more.

(15 minutes later)

Jordan: Mom and Dad, I just got my Christmas list.

Kyle: Jordan, I told you you're getting nothing for Christmas!

Jordan: Why not?

Stephanie: Because we just got a call from your great uncle! He told us that you ungrounded Auto from Wall-E! That was a stupid and naughty thing to do! For this, I will tell Santa to get you nothing for Christmas and you'll be getting coal in your stocking! Go to your room now!

(Jordan runs upstairs crying like Custard)

(next Christmas morning)

Jordan: Let's see what I have in my stocking today. Oh no!

(he sees coal)

Jordan: Oh my God! Why did I get coal?

Kyle: Because you ungrounded Auto from Wall-E! 

Stephanie: Santa also gave you baby shows and educational games to watch and play! Normally, I would tell you to go upstairs to your room but instead I will tell you this! Start watching the baby shows and playing the educational games right now!

Jordan: Worst Christmas ever!