Plot Edit

SaveUmsFan2017 wanted to see Coco in 3D, But the clerk said the tickets for Coco were sold out and said there were tickets for Guardians Of GaHoole or Jungle Master. SaveUmsFan2017 got sad because of it, meanwhile, Andy Panda was mad that he could not watch Chappie because Horace N. Buggy said it was sold out as well and could see Guardians Of Ga’Hoole And was grounded. SaveUmsFan2017 calmed down because she said that they can see Jungle Master, and saw the movie and she got ungrounded.

Cast Edit

Kimberly as SaveUmsFan2017

Salli as SaveUmsFan2017 (when she’s sad)

Steven As Me

Kidaroo as Andy Panda