Eddie K-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Eddie K's dad-Steven



AKA The sequel to Gary steals Eddie K's girlfriend.


Tenya: Eddie K, you are ungrounded forever. Feel free to do whatever you like.

Eddie K: Oh boy!

Tenya: Hooray! I ungrounded Eddie K!

Eddie K: Dad, Tenya, also known as Evil Emily just ungrounded me.

Eddie K's dad: Oh my goodness! How dare you unground Eddie K! That is so it! Go home right now!

Tenya: Oh no!

Eddie K's dad: And as for you Eddie K, you are grounded grounded grounded for a month!

Eddie K: Dad, I keep telling you Gary stole my girlfriend Skylar and I told him if he goes anywhere near my girlfriend, I would call the cops on him!

Eddie K's dad: No! Skylar now belongs to Gary, not you! Go to your room now!


(at home)

Emily: Oh my God! Tenya, also known as Evil Me, how dare you unground Eddie K! You know that he is a bad boy because of all the bad stuff he did!

Tenya: But Emily, known as Good Me, he should be ungrounded because he found out that Gary stole his girlfriend.

Emily: That does not give you the right to unground him! You are grounded grounded grounded until you get executed! Go to your room now!

Tenya (running upstairs): Fine!