Warren Cook

Warren Cook, or better known as TheCookwarren, TheWarren1995, MultiWarren95, MsWarren95, DownUnder1988, AnastasiaDisney, SeaDisney95, FunandFancyFree1990, SeaDisney1998, oceandisney2000, SeaDisney1997, MrWarrenCook34, SuperDisney94, TheWarren1998, Superwarren1998, WarrenWarren1998, WarrenCook37, AquaDisney1992WaterDisney1996, PizzaDisney1993, BeachDisney1995, TheWarrenCook1999MrWarrenCook1633, ToonDisneyNickShowsGuy, TheWarren1988, PoolDinsey1980, CokeDisney1948, and WARREN1875, is a user on YouTube who always makes fake VHS openings, formerly, he stopped making fake VHS on 2 accounts, but he kept making them, but the account WARREN1875 is an imposter.

TheWarren1988​ is the Warren Cook who makes real VHS openings.

Voice: Brian

Is Warren even a real person? Edit

There have been rumors going around that Warren Cook is just a guise used by various trolls to annoy the GoAnimate Community.